Buying – The Steps

Home purchase can be divided into three categories: reserved, open market, and third-party. The following will break down each category and how Dynasty Realty handles them.

  1. Reserved – This purchase style specifically pertains to homes that were owned prior to Mutiny and the economic crash. Individuals filed with the federal government the intention to re-purchase their old property. Once the “intention” phase has passed, Dynasty Realty works with the government to confirm the individual did indeed own the home prior and coordinates with contractors to renovate and prepare homes for re-sale. These specific properties will be released in waves in order of submission. Individuals will be notified in mass email that their property is available. The person has ten days from notification to approach Dynasty Realty about the home. If nothing is heard after 10 days, Dynasty Realty will convey a second notice that the home is available. After 48 hours of second notice, if the citizen has not contacted Dynasty Realty the property in question will be moved for the open market sale.
  2. Open Market – After reservation sales are completed, Dynasty Realty will move onto the open market. This implies that properties will be renovated and put on sale for the public. This will be released in batches and placed onto the Dynasty Realty website. Interested parties will contact a realtor and begin the purchase process. The process will take several days, as the bank assesses purchaser’s assets, notarized contract, home inspection, etc. During this time of closing, if another party desires the same property, the home will go into a bid. Bids will continue until a preset price point has been reached. Once reached, a lottery of involved parties will be conducted, and purchaser determined from results. During this whole process, all parties will have their bank accounts assessed to ensure projected funds are viable. Of note, if discovered that one party had no intention of purchasing said home but wanted to increase price for other parties that individual(s) will be barred from purchasing homes in San Andreas.
  3. Third Party – Once a home has been purchased, homeowners are unable to re-sell a home for 1-3 months (dependent on purchase process) or transfer ownership barring extreme exception. After the time has passed, individuals are able to resell their home either through Dynasty Realty (for a fee) or through a third-party company. Dynasty Realty will still handle the transfer process after verifying their contract is notarized and submit a small fee for transfer. Dynasty Realty is not responsible for any agreement between parties when going through a third party.

Notaries – The contract to purchase a home and even a home transfer will need to be notarized. This is to ensure that the parties involved, and their signatures are verified. Dynasty Realty does not notarize contracts, however there are many in the state with varying fees. A list of known Notaries can be found HERE.

Renovations – There are numerous available floorplans for homes in San Andreas. Dynasty Realty is the primary company for interior renovations and are viewable on our site HERE. If the floorplan is appropriate for your property, you can approach a realtor for renovation. Dynasty Realty does charge a fee for renovations and once a floorplan is installed, it cannot be re-renovated for a determined time. Be advised this process can take several days as contractors will be contacted and actively working on the property to ensure it meets Dynasty Realty standards.

Basement Additions –

Certain properties are able to have a basement constructed underneath them. If a homeowner would like a basement constructed, they can contact the Dynasty Realty team where a realtor will assess the property in question and see if the foundation is sound for basement construction. Of note, typically homes on stilts, condominimums, and many trailer homes are unable to realistically have a basement constructed below. There is a fee for constructing a basement and Dynasty Realty will invoice the customer prior to completion. In addition, the market value of the home will also increase to reflect the increased value of the property.

Floorplans are now available on our Renovations page – HERE