About Dynasty Realty

At Dynasty Realty we know the local real estate market in San Andreas better than anyone else. After all, it’s our home too (and allegedly run a monopoly on properties…allegedly)! Since 2021 our professional and friendly team has been matching the right people with the right properties, and we want to do the same for you.

We make it a point to be involved and stay involved through all the stages of the property transaction process. Whether you’re looking to buy, interested in available properties, need a reference for personal sale, or recommendations on home designers, we promise to work hard on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal possible.

The company originally opened business in early April 2021 under the name “PD Realty”, standing for Paxton Devine Realty. The original owners were James Paxton and Samantha Devine. On a groundbreaking day the two including their sole employee, Jin Young Jae, procured properties in Mirror Park, South Los Santos, and Davis. Shortly after establishing the company, Mr. Paxton was elected to state representative and handed his stake within the company to Mrs. Devine and Mr. Jin. For a short while, the company was referred to PDJ Realty to include the newest owner of the business, Jin Young Jae.

After Mr. Devine’s term as governor, Mrs. Devine decided to tour and vacation Europe with her daughter. She retains co-ownership but currently, Jin young Jae runs the daily duties, procurement of properties, and supervises a team of realtors. With this change, the company was renamed “Dynasty Realty” as Jin and Mrs. Devine felt the new branding moves away from vocal ownership and instills the ethos that the company is a team of individuals building a legacy.


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